«where there is no soul, music creates one. where there is a soul, music sustains it.»
Yianni Christou

Radio Technis is a non-profit, online music exploration station broadcasting live from Athens. The music played is not generated by algorithms, fashion trends and fads or commercial commands, but consists of compositions carefully selected for their quality, timelessness, poetic depth, and subtle flow.

The program is seasoned with Greek poetry recited by the authors themselves or by colleagues of the station.

Radio Technis’s philosophy is built on a sound foundation of social contribution, where the promotion of poetry and music is seen as a way to travel, dream, and nourish the soul.

Radio Technis aspires to serve as a hub for the promotion of quality music and Greek poetry, embracing not only those who can see between and beyond the verse, poetic text and melody, but also ordinary music lovers.

Lampros Mitropoulos: B.Sc, M.Ed, MBA, founder of radio art - radio technis

Vereniki Nikolaou: philologist
Alkisti Koralis: lawyer
Alexandros Seitaridis: visual artist
Yiota Eftaxia: musician, musicologist

Support team
Panagiotis Michalarias: radio producer
Katerina Teleli: musician, ethnomusicologist
Adrianos Friligos: actor, translator
Music Consultant
Christos Marinos: collaborative pianist, vocal & diction coach, music researcher
Literature and poetry consultants
Giorgos Douatzis: litterateur, poet
Manos Tasakos: litterateur, poetry critic
Radio Technis is the Greek version of www.radioart.com

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